Practical Information


University restaurant, Universidad de Chile
Avenida Almirante Blanco Encalada 2085
$ – Menu

Coffee shops in Campus Beauchef 851
Located in the western side of the central garden, next to D’Etigny auditorium, & 4th floor of Industrial Engineering Department
$ – Menu & snacks

Coffee shop in Campus Beauchef 850
Located in the floor -1 of the main building, just next to the entry
$ – Menu & snacks

Avenida Beauchef 935
$$ –  Menu & pizzas

Paraíso Marino II
Avenida Almirante Blanco Encalada 2101
$$ –  Menu & à la carte

Delicias de Quirihue
Domeyko 2059
$$ –  Menu & à la carte

Peru House
Club Hípico 485
$$$ –  Menu & à la carte

Ana María Restaurant
Club Hípico 476
$$$$ – à la carte

$ means that the price (menu if exists) is less than 3.000 CLP (aprox 4 USD)
$$ means that the price (menu if exists) is between 3.000 CLP and 6.000 CLP (aprox 4 and 8 USD)
$$$ means that the price (menu if exists) is between 6.000 CLP and 14.000 CLP (aprox 8 and 20 USD)
$$$$ means that the prices are over 14.000 CLP (aprox 20 USD)

Accommodation in Santiago

Recommended Accommodation

Hotel Manquehue (

We recommend all international participants to use this hotel or to stay at airbnb located near this hotel.

Note: We changed the hotel where plenary speakers will stay to Hotel Manquehue, which is located away from the city area in which protest are still happening.

In case of troubles with the public transportation, the organization will provide buses to transport all international speakers and attendants between the hotel Manquehue and the venue. This is the reason for recommending all international participants to use accommodations located near the Manquehue hotel.

Contingency/Emergency PlanIn the unlikely case of an increasing protest activity in downtown Santiago, the venue would be moved to the Manquehue hotel, which has appropriate rooms for 200 people.


Important:Foreigners do NOT pay VAT (19%) on the hotel bill, provided they pay it in dollars or with a foreign credit card

Other accomodations

Appart hotel with several locations in Santiago
Reservations & info:

You can also check AirBnB: