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The IEEE RAS Summer School on "Deep Learning for Robot Vision" will be held on December 9-13, 2019 in Santiago & Rancagua, Chile.

The Summer School is co-organized by the School of Engineering of the Universidad de Chile and the Institute of Engineering Sciences of the Universidad de O'Higgins, Chile. It is co-founded by the IEEE RAS Summer School Program, it is technically sponsored by the IEEE RAS Technical Committee on Robot Learning, and it follows the successful IEEE RAS Summer School on "Robot Vision and Applications" organized in Chile in 2012.

The Summer School targets students (Master / PhD level and last years of undergraduate), researchers and professionals interested in Robotics, Robot Vision, Deep Learning and related topics. The official language of the summer school is English, and it will include tutorial courses, keynote lectures, a student poster competition, and live demonstrations (autonomous vehicle, robot soccer, domestic robots, etc.).

The Summer School will provide a clear overview of Deep Learning Methods in Robotics with a particular emphasis in robot vision, while also providing an in-depth analysis of state-of-the-art research in this area. We plan to have introductory lectures and short advance courses in the following topics: deep learning for robot vision, deep reinforcement learning, deep learning for robot vision under time & hardware constraints, deep learning for 3D reconstruction & SLAM, deep & model-based learning, deep learning for manipulation & grasping, etc.

In addition to the tutorial courses and keynote lectures, we will have:

A detailed program will be available at the Summer school website:

We will have a special registration for students with no associated fees, which means that any student will have the possibility of attending the summer school for free (after a non-cost formal registration). More over, it is important to note that the summer school will be open for students worldwide, not only for Latin American Students. We expect to have about 90 attendants to the summer school (in 2012 we received 85 attendants from over 15 countries).

Javier Ruiz-del-Solar, Universidad de Chile
Rodrigo Verschae, Universidad de O'Higgins
General Chairs 
IEEE RAS Summer School on "Deep Learning for Robot Vision" 

Organizing Committee and Contact Information

General Chairs
Dr. Javier Ruiz-del-Solar, AMTC, Universidad de Chile.
Dr. Rodrigo Verschae, Universidad de O'Higgins.
Local Chair
Program Chair
Paper Contest Chair
Finance Chair
Demo Chair
Claudio Baeza R

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